Chrysanthos Crystallites

Crystallites produce a matt finish with a spattering of gloss crystals after firing. Use the following steps to ensure a satisfactory result after the firing. Crystallites should not be confused with Fantasy Glazes.

  1. Each bottle needs to be mixed thoroughly via shaking or stirring with a clean palette knife. Add brushing medium or water if paint appears too thick and difficult to mix.
  2. Squeeze the required amount onto a tile or paint palette. It is not recommended to continuously dip the brush into the paint container, as this may contaminate the color.
  3. If necessary, stir in more brushing medium to achieve the desired consistency. The ideal thickness of the crystallite is similar to thickened cream.



Crystallites are for application to greenware or bisque.

They may be glazed over to render an item food safe, however the effect of the crystals will be more subdued. We recommend not using this product for functional ware.


  • Apply one to three coats one at a time, allowing each coat to nearly dry. Ensure coats are not too thick.
  • It is very important to taper off approximately ‘2cm’ from the bottom of the ware. As these items do not require glazing, they can be placed in the kiln without a stilt as long as there are no crystals on the base.

Intermixable With

The colors can be applied with One Strokes, Cafe Colors, 3D Trail Glazes and Non Fired Products.


This is the result of the crystals in the glaze that have crazed after the firing which is common for crystals. This is only likely to occur if the crystals are quite large in size.